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Tension Free Drumming

TigerBill has spent more than 30 years in search of drum technique that would provide the ultimate in speed, power, endurance, and precision. What he found is that a combination of traditional methods, such as the Moeller and Gladstone technique worked best and even better when they were executed without any muscular tension at all.

In 2004, Bill proved the effectiveness of what he calls Tension free Drumming by winning the NAMM World's Fastest Drummer Competition for Fastest Hands. At the same time, he set a record for Fastest Feet proving that anyone correctly applying his techniques can become one of the world's fastest drummers with both hands and feet. The ultimate in power, endurance, and precision are an additional bonus of learning to play Tension Free!

Drummers searching for the finest in technique regularly travel the globe to study privately with Tiger Bill. Now, for the first time, serious drummers everywhere have an alternative.

TigerBill's Concepts of Tension Free Drumming: Hand Technique Volume 1

Click this link to Learn Tension Free Drumming for yourself... in the privacy of your one home. Buy TigerBill's Conepts of Tension Free Drumming: Hand Technique today!

TigerBill's Tension Free Drumming DVD for the Hands is a hit!

Here's what drum pro Ed Soph has to say:

"TigerBill's Concepts of Tension Free Drumming: Hand Technique series is an invaluable compendium of stick techniques and stroke systems that will expand your own techniques no matter what your level of playing. And, unlike most materials on the subject, Tiger Bill demonstrates how NOT to as well as how to.

Simply put, this is a great resource."

Ed Soph

The Future of Drumming is here!

Once you experience TigerBill's latest techniques, you will never go back to the old traditional methods.

Click for Video Excerpts from TigerBill's Concepts of Tension Free Drumming Hand Technique DVDVideo Excerpt from Tension Free Drumming!

Volume One of this long awaited DVD is now in stock and shipping!

Click Here to purchase your copy today and save $5.00 off the regular price when purchased through TigerBill's Online Drum Shop!

Click Here to learn what DrumHeads from around the world are saying about TigerBill's Tension Free Drumming DVD!

Take Private Lessons with Tiger Bill and Learn his Exclusive System of Tension Free Drumming!

Click Here for Info or to Schedule an Initial Lesson with Tiger Bill!

(or Call 908-343-3768)

Visit TigerBill's Online Drum Shop for the lowest prices on earth for Drum DVDs, Books, and accessories including Axis Pedals, Pintech eDrums, and much more!

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Get Info on the Latest Drum News, Clinics and other Events!

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Tiger Bill's Bottom Line Reviews

Review: Funkifying The Clave DVD by Robby Ameen and Lincoln Goines

Review: Playing with Precision and Power featuring Chris Coleman DVD

Review: On The Beaten Path: The Drummer's Guide to Musical Styles and the Legends Who Defined Them by Rich Lackowski Book/CD from Alfred Publishing

Click for Tiger Bill's latest Video Review of the Pintech Practice Lids and Hot Lids and Hansenfutz Practice Pedals

Video Review of Pintech Practice Lids and Hot Lids along with Hansenfutz Practice Pedals

Click Here for Kelly SHU Review

Video Review: Kelly SHU Bass Drum Microphone Mount System!


Click Here for SHURE Drum Mic Kit Review

Video Review: SHURE Drum Microphone Kit DMK 57-52

Click for Tiger Bill's latest Video Review of Hansenfutz Practice Pedals

Video Review of Hansenfutz Practice Pedals

Click Here for More Tiger Bill Reviews!


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