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Tiger Bill's Exclusive

Tension Free Drumming Concepts!

If you are:

  • Less than satisfied with your drumming speed, power, endurance, control
  • Feeling tension, fatigue, or pain when you play

Then you must:

Experience TigerBill's Tension Free Drumming™ Techniques.

Once you do, you will never go back to the old traditional methods!

Tiger Bill's Concepts of Tension Free Drumming™

    Tiger Bill's Concepts of Tension Free Drumming™ is a complete approach to drumming that has been more than 30 years in development.

Now, thanks to the release of Tiger Bill's new DVD / Book Series, you can learn the same Tension Free Drumming techniques formerly available only to Tiger Bill's private students.

Here's what Drum Pro Ed Soph has to say about "Tiger Bill's Concepts of Tension Free Drumming™ Hand Technique" DVD Series:

An invaluable compendium of stick techniques and stroke systems that will expand your own techniques no matter what your level of playing. And, unlike most materials on the subject, Tiger Bill demonstrates how NOT to as well as how to.

Simply put, this is a great resource.

Ed Soph

Hey! This is Tiger Bill. I have devoted the past 30 plus years of my life in search of the ultimate in drumming technique.

Starting with the traditional techniques used by Billy Gladstone, George Lawrence Stone, and Sanford Moeller, I made modifications to them that allowed me to play at maximum power, speed, endurance, and with precise control but without the physical effort that most drummers accept as a normal part of drumming.

I have been teaching these Tension Free Drumming techniques to students from all over the world in private lessons.

Now, in response to requests from drummers who can't afford to come out to the East Coast of the USA to study with me, I have released the first volume of my DVD that teaches you the equivalent of what you would learn in a dozen lessons.


See what drummers from around the world are saying about my new instructional DVD:

Email Subject: Thanks Tiger Bill!!!
Hi Bill! I can really identify with the philosophy of martial artist....bearing in mind that principles are principles no matter were they come from. Your break down, detail, and explanation of grip and wrist essentials is so very simple but yet so important and better yet so well demonstrated by yourself. That time you spent on those particulars was worth the price of admission alone. Again thanks from the bottom of my heart for your fine work...it has changed my playing completely!

Dennis Wozniak (USA) - email


Email Subject: Your DVD
Hey Bill - Just bought and looked at your new DVD. Excellent material. I studied with Joe Morello in the early 80s (only a dozen lessons) and felt I needed more. Your material is excellent and needed in the drum community big time. That overcomes the other stuff.

John Georges (USA) - email


Email Subject: Loved the Volume One DVD!
Hey Tiger Bill - I finally got the chance to sit down and relax and watch your Tension Free Vol I DVD. It is really terrific and I am looking forward to working on the suggestions you made for practicing. Your production was first rate and your teaching is so methodical and clear, that I cannot imagine that stuff
having been presented better. I am 55, was a percussion major in college and have been playing a long time. But I strive to always have "beginner's mind", which was taught as a principle to me when I studied aikido for about 6 years. I will benefit tremendously from studying your excellent material.
Thanks so much!

And I will buy your book and volume II as soon as I find out it becomes available.

All the best,
Don Berman (USA) - email


Email Subject: Effortless Mastery :=)
Hey Bill. Received the DVD today and all i can say is, Outstanding! Like there are true Masters in the Eastern part of the World which one can study Music with for an entire lifetime, We've got Masters like Mr. Meligari here in the Western part of the World. Thank You for the most comprehensive and outstanding Education drumming-material available! The way you presented the principles of the tensionfree drum-concept is the best i've ever seen. Methodic, pedagogic, and crystal clear explanations makes this an educational milestone of Drumming. You blew my mind with the Karate scene, wow :=) Thought that was an FX at first, lol.

Once again, Thanks ..gotta go practice.. :=)
Pa Tollbom (SWEDEN) - email


I have watched many DVD's on drum technique from various famous drummers, and I like the way you explain and show in detail about your tension free concepts. I  look forward to Volume 2 and the Book being released.

Best Regards,
Dave Maloch (USA) - email


I just watched the first hour of DVD one and it's just fantastic. You're such a wonderful teacher and player. It's rare when you are great at both skills. You talk about a companion book on your technique. Please let me know how I can get that also. Okay. I have to get back to practicing.

You're the best,
Paul Marcil (USA) - email


I just received your Tension Free Druming DVD and I think that it is great, thank you so much.  Keep up the good work and let me know when in August your next DVD and the book will be available. 

Thank You
Edward Weeks (USA) - email

Just wanted to let you know I just received your new DVD and found it extremely useful.  I'm looking forward to getting the next disc.

Keep up the good work.

Charlie Campagna (USA) - email


The approach that Bill uses is the best I've ever seen on an instructional video. Don't be surprised if people start to copy it, if they do, you saw it here first!

Howie Wolfson (USA) - posted on TigerBill's DrumBeat Forum

If you want to know more about Tiger Bill's Concepts of Tension Free Drumming  Hand Technique, check out these excerpts from an Interview with Tiger Bill himself!

Question: What makes your Tension Free Drumming Concepts different from other drumming techniques?

Answer: When I started in my search for the ultimate in drum technique, over 30 years ago, I didn't set out to reinvent the wheel. I first learned the best existing methods and then modified them in various ways to make them easier to learn, more efficient to use, and (most important of all) Tension Free. I did this by employing some simple laws of physics to existing techniques and, through a ton of trial and error, coming up with some original techniques of my own!


Question: Are your Tension Free Drumming Concepts for advanced drummers only?

Answer: Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, advanced drummers who have been playing for a number of years will have a harder time learning my Tension Free system than someone who is just learning to play or even someone who has never played drums at all. The reason for this is that most experienced drummers have bad habits, meaning that they play under tension much of the time (even if they don't realize it). When they first try to learn my Tension Free approach, they will find it difficult to break these bad habits. But, by following my detailed instructions and examples on the DVDs, they will eventually see the tremendous benefit to learning to play without Tension.


Question: What exactly are the benefits of learning to play without tension?

Answer: The many benefits include the ability to play at top speed with endless endurance  and power while maintaining precise control over every stroke. Here's a comparison I like to use: The "average" technique used by many drummers is just like driving a car with one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake. Tension Free Drumming allows you to take your foot off the brake! The health factor is another huge benefit to playing Tension Free. Expecially if you plan to drum for many years, Tension Free Drumming will allow you to play without the injuries that are so common with Tension-Based systems! Especially with the popularity of today's metal music, it is critical for metal drummers to learn to play without tension.


Question: Using your Concept's of Tension Free Drumming™ Hand Technique Series , how long will it take someone to learn to play tension free?

Answer: That varies, based on a number of factors. Drummers who learn the fastest are those who follow my instructions exactly. On my DVD, I not only show the correct way to perform each technique, I also show the most common incorrect ways. This is extremely important when you're working without the benefit of a qualified instructor to bust your chops. You have to be very critical of yourself at each step to make sure that you are performing each technique properly. In other words, you need to bust your own chops!

The second factor that decides how long it will take to play Tension Free is the amount of practice you devote to each exercise. The core techniques on the first volume are the most important. Those who rush through these techniques or worse bypass them altogether wanting to get to the good stuff are making a huge mistake. The only way to learn to play totally Tension Free is not simply to learn how to execute the core techniques correctly, but to build these techniques into your muscle memory. "Muscle memory" simply means that you build neuropathways throughout your body that, in time, allows you to play these techniques correctly without any conscious effort on your part. This takes many repetitions. The number of repetitions and amount of time you spend in daily practice will also determine how fast and how well you learn my Tension Free Concepts because the more repetitions you perform, the more conditioned your muscles and tendons will become. This "conditioning" process of muscles and tendons is also critical if you want to get the most from my Tension Free Drumming Concepts. It is really very similar to training a boxer for a fight.


Question: So Tension Free Drumming is not a magic bullet that can be learned overnight?

Answer: Definitely not! But by following my instructions on the DVDs, all drummers can learn to play Tension Free and improve their technique without the risk of damaging their body.  It is the only method that will allow you to play well into your golden years with the same speed, power, endurance, and control you had as a kid!


Question: I've heard that your version of the old traditional Moeller Method gives drummers a minimum of 50 percent more power than the original version. How is that possible?

Answer: All I really did was take a simple law of physics and apply it to the traditional Moeller Stroke or Moeller Whip. Once you learn the secret behind my Modified Moeller stroke and feel the incredible difference in the power you can achieve, I guarantee that you'll never go back to the old traditional method!


Question: Do you use a technique known as the squeeze and release in your Tension Free Concepts?

Answer: Many drummers use a squeeze and release motion, especially when playing double stroke rolls and closed (buzz) rolls. This is another technique I have modified. I removed the squeeze, which introduces tension, and replaced it with a technique that gives you the same end result but without the tension that comes from the squeeze.


Question: What about the technique called the open/close. Do you use that in your Tension Free Drumming system?

Answer: The technique you are referring to is actually an advanced technique originally used by Billy Gladstone. Many drummers who I've seen using this technique use it under tension. Again, I have modified it to make it easier to learn and perform without getting tense.


Question: I seen you play one-handed rolls in a variety of ways. Are these techniques shown and taught in detail on your DVD series? i

Answer: Yes. On my second DVD (soon to be released) I've included my versions of all of the commonly used one-handed rolls including my Modified Moeller Whip, advanced Gladstone open/close pump, and using the rim of the drum as a fulcrum. I feel that the more techniques drummers have in their bag of tricks, the more versatile they will be.


Question: I have heard you talk about relieving tension when you play. Can you explain what you mean by that?

Answer: This is something that I originally learned from Joe Morello, who calls it "breaking" tension. As you play, tension normally builds in various areas of the body and you have to learn how to release that tension or it will, eventually, cause pain which causes you to slow down. Over the years, I have modified this technique and have taken it to the next level, which is learning how to play without ever developing tension in the first place! This is how I originally developed the technique I call RPM (Rotational Perpetual Motion), which is taught on volume two of my DVD. Learning to play without ever developing tension in the first place is, to me, the ultimate goal to shoot for in drumming!


TigerBill has spent more than 30 years developing his unique concepts including his RPM - Rotational Perpetual Motion Technique, DSS - Dual Speed Sticking Technique, Modified Moeller Technique — which produces a stroke over 50 percent more powerful than the traditional Moeller system — and much more!

If you are serious about drumming, regardless of your experience level, check out TigerBill's Concepts of Tension Free Drumming for yourself - Today!

Tension Free Drumming DVDs


TigerBill's Concepts of Tension Free Drumming™:

Hand Technique DVD - Volume 1


VOLUME ONE explains and demonstrates all of the groundwork that you'll need to play without any tension, regardless of your style of drumming from drum corps to drumset. It can even be readily adapted to any style of hand drumming.

Wrist technique is covered in great detail to allow you to max out their speed, endurance, power, and control.

Tiger Bill's unique method of Finger Technique development for Matched Grip players will allow you to build high end speed.

Tiger Bill's Concepts of Tension Free Drumming™ Hand Technique Volume One features the Tiger's unique Dual Screen Training Method to help you learn the techniques as easily and efficiently as hands-on private instruction!

Hand Technique DVD - Volume 2


The secret to playing tension free

The Finger Glide

Stick Walking

Advanced Finger Techniques

Straight Arm Technique

Modified Moeller Arm (provides twice the power of traidtional Moeller with no additional effort!)

Pull Out

Multiple Accenting Methods

Advanced Gladstone Strokes

Roll Techniques

Grace Note Rudiments

One-Handed Rolls

Specialized Cymbal Time Technique

Wrist/Finger/Arm Combinations

And More...

If you were to take private lessons with me it would cost over a thousand dollars to learn the techniques that I'm teaching you on these two DVDs.

Thousands of Drummers from all over the World take Private Lessons with Tiger Bill in his State-of-the-Art East Coast Studio...

Now YOU can learn Tiger Bill's innovative Concepts of Tension Free Drumming without leaving your home!

Hey... This is Tiger Bill and ever since I started my online Website drummers from all over the world have been asking for detailed instruction on the Tension Free Drumming techniques that I used to win the "World's Fastest Drummer" Competition at Winter NAMM in 2004 and become internationally recognized as one of the fastest drummers in the world with both hands and feet (as officially measured by the WFD).

The main reason I competed was to prove to the drum world that you don't have to sweat, stress, and strain your muslces to play with maximum speed and power. You can do it safely and without Tension!

Whether you are a beginner to drumming or an advanced player with years of experience, my Tension Free Drumming techniques will allow you to play with maximum power, speed, endurance, and precision but without the tension that most drummers use.

Tension is the root of all evil and can cause many physical injuries from tendonitis to carpel tunnel syndrome, which can bring your drumming career to an abrupt and painful halt!

If you are looking for the ultimate in drum technique, which includes the ability to play whatever you can think of without having to worry about having the chops to cut it, you need to learn how to play Tension Free!

The total running time of Tiger Bill's Concepts of Tension Free Drumming: Hand Technique DVD Volume One is two hours. But that is two hours jammed with practical, valuable instruction and is the equivalent of taking a dozen private lessons.

While you may see other DVDs on the market in a similar price range boast three and even more hours of footage, there is nothing currently available that actually teaches you how to perform each and every technique in detail, just as if you were sitting next to me taking a private lesson!


But don't just take my word for it, look at what others who already own Volume One are saying!


Email Subject: Tension free drumming
Bill - It's been about a month now, and I'm still practicing with the dvd minimum of 3 hours a day. I'm noticing significant increases in consistency of strokes! This has made my former 'top speed' my actual playable 'top speed'. A metal band I play in has a break at 195bpm that they wanted me to play a straight 16th note fill. I could always do it very sloppily... now I can do it cleanly, and nearly drum machine like! Also have noticed that I can walk away from a long rehearsal (upwards of 12 hours some days) as if I hadn't even been playing at all. There's days when we practice certain things where I am certainly tired, but I don't have that feeling like I'm stuck in a block of cement anymore! If you remember my post on the forums about my thumbs hurting when playing (from february I think), that is completely gone now. I can't wait for dvd 2. I will purchase it instantly when it comes out, along with the exercise book.

4 years of college studying percussion did comparably nothing for my playing compared to a strict practice regime with your dvd. Of course, i learned to sight read and mallets... but for the drum kit? no way. Not even close.

Robert Randolph (USA) - email

Start Playing Drums with All the Power, Speed, Endurance, and Control of the World's Greatest Drummers But Without the Physically Dangerous Tension!


Have fun, stay loose, and I'll see you online!

Tiger Bill


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