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If you have a Web site that contains Drum, Percussion, or Music contents you may post either a text hyperlink to our Home Page at www.TigerBill.com or link directly to any page or article on Tiger Bill's DrumBeat site. Once you have done so, please contact us at permissions@tigerbill.com so that we can post a reciprocal link back to your site.

If you prefer to post a graphic link on your site, you may use any of the following but please link them to www.tigerbill.com. To use them, simply right click on the image and save it to your computer.

Visit TigerBill.com for Free Expert Advice on Drumming


Visit TigerBill.com for Free Expert Advice on Drumming


Visit TigerBill.com for Free Expert Advice on Drumming


Visit TigerBill.com for Free Expert Advice on Drumming


Visit TigerBill.com for Free Expert Advice on Drumming

If you need a different sized graphic than these, contact us at permissions @ tigerbill.com and we will be happy to provide one for you.


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You may post a link on your site to any page or content on our site without our express permission. However, we would appreciate you sending an email notification to permissions @ tigerbill.com for our records.

You may not copy and directly host any of the articles that appear on this site unless your site is a non-english speaking site. In that case, contact us at permissions @ tigerbill.com and include the URL where you would like to post our content and include the name of the article that you would like to translate into your language. Providing your site meets our criteria for content and quality, and you agree to include our copyright clause along with our content, you will be given the necessary permission.

You may use any photos appearing on this site, providing you include the following clause with each photo: Photo Courtesy of www.TigerBill.com.


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You may quote specific content from this site in any book, magazine article, or review providing that you give credit to Tiger Bill Meligari and www.TigerBill.com as the source of the content. In that case, we would appreciate you sending an email notification to permissions @ tigerbill.com for our records.

If you would like to use a significant portion or the entire article either online or in print, you must contact us at permissions @ tigerbill.com for permission.



Reprints of articles and other site content is available in hardcopy or online form. For detailed information including any charges that might apply, contact us at permissions @ tigerbill.com.

You may reprint any photos appearing on this site either in hardcopy form or for posting online, as long as you include the following credit with each photo:

Photo Courtesy of www.TigerBill.com.


Downloadable Drum Lesson Worksheets

You may copy and use any of the downladable worksheets in our Free Drum Lessons section either for your personal use or for use with students as long as you retain the copyright information that appears on the original document.


Copyright Clause

Any content that you have received permission from us to use either online or in print, must include the following copyright information:

Copyright by TigerBill.com. All Rights Reserved.
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Note: When using the above copyright online, you must hyperlink both the underlined TigerBill.com and Tiger Bill Meligari clauses to the Web site www.tigerbill.com.

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If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me via:

Email: info [at] tigerbill [dot] com

Phone Between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM EST: 908-343-3768.

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TigerMix.com, Inc.
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High Bridge, NJ 08829-0202


Thank you!

Tiger Bill.


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