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TigerBill's DrumBeat Web Site Free Member Links

Here's where members of TigerBill's Web Site get to list their Web sites for Free, for all the world to see!

HOW YOU CAN Get A Free Listing on the World's Largest Online Drum and Percussion Resource:

#1: Your must own a site whose content is mainly drum, percussion, instrument, or music related.

#2: You must already be a registered member of TigerBill's Web Site but that's free too! Click here for free registration.

#3: Click the following link: Add My Site to Member Links

#4: Include the URL of your site and the exact name you want it listed under.

#5: Post a reciprocal link back to us!

Note: If the above email link is not working for you, simply send an email to bill @ tigerbill.com with the Subject "Add My Site to Member Links" and include your site's URL and the name you want it listed under.

That's all you have to do to get your free listing!

Now scroll down and enjoy the sites of your fellow DrumHeads and MusicHeads from around the globe!

Note: Unless specifically noted in the description below, Tiger Bill does not recommend or endorse any specific artist or company mentioned in the sites that follow.

TigerBill's DrumBeat Web Site Member Links

AJG Music

If you're in the South Florida area and you're in the market for a DJ/MC, contact AJ and tell him Tiger Bill sent you!

Alternate Mode: Home of Kat Percussion

KAT Percussion MIDI controllers such as the drumKAT, malletKAT, trapKAT, and dk10 are used by artists like Dennis Chambers, Danny Gottlieb, Dave Samuels, and others. Visit the site for video demo clips.

Stefano Ashbridge

Check out Stefano's Official Web site for a sample of his drumming ability. And if you happen to be in the LA area and in need of a drummer, look him up.


Sample some MP3s of the band known as "Badgered" and check out their gig schedule, gear list, bios, photos, and more.

Barcelona - Drum Lessons

Luciano Varela's site, in Spanish, contains articles, tips & lessons on drumming. Also offered are drum lessons in and around Barcelona in English and Spanish.

Baron's Drums and Blues Home Page

Chicago drummer Eric "Baron" Behrenfeld's Web site includes bio, photos, gig schedule, drum gear setup, and more.

Beatworkz Ltd: Official Home of Drummer Larry Washington

Beatworkz Audio Sampling CD's and Sound Products, Beatworkz Music and Streetworkz Entertainment.

Bleu Ocean - Rock it to the Maxx

The Official Web site of percussionist, producer, and arranger Bleu Ocean.


Commercial site offers Breakbeats, drum loops, sample CDs, and music production.

Pete Bremy

Me and Pete had a band back in high school. He plays drums and bass (the best of both worlds), works with Vince Martell, and recently went on tour with The Vanilla Fudge and Cactus.

Christopher Bright

Official Web site of drummer Christopher Bright.

Jake Burton - Nashville Drummer

Jake Burton is a professional drummer and the owner of Burton Entertainment.

Catch's Home Page

For the music of Catch the Band, a mixture of folk pop from New Orleans with lots of acoustic guitar and fiddle, check out their Official Web site.

Stephane Chamberland

Stephane is a drum instructor and performer located in Quebec City, Canada. Be sure to check him out on his Official Web site.

Children's Music Portal

Features information, resources, articles, links, and music for and by artists, educators, parents and children.

Sean Cloud - Drum Instruction

Sean, a member of the Vic Firth Education team, offers private lessons, clinics, and workshops in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.

Wes Crawford

Washington, DC/Baltimore drummer Wes Crawford's site provides a free
online playable drumset as well as his unique "Drumset Play-Along DVD" and
"Rhythmic Murder Mystery" CD and other interesting drum media. Wes also hosts the annual Drumset Percussion Camp. Check him out and tell him that Tiger Bill sent you!

Cymbal Technique - Basic to Advanced

The 4th edition of this book/DVD cymbal tutorial is full of instruction, notation, tips, techniques, visuals and exercises used by Eddie Capps a 9 year DCI cymbal instructor and the head instructor of the 2003 and 2004 DCI Cymbal Ensemble Champions, as well as the WGI champions of Music City Mystique cymbal lines. Check it out and build your own championship level cymbal line.

Patrick Dennis

If you're ever down Atlanta way say Hey to my longtime friend and former bandmate. Pat, a first rate musician, is one of the few who can play multiple instruments – well! Jazz, Rock, you name it and he can play it. And he has perfect pitch besides. I'm jealous.


If you like to wear your drum gear, check out this online merchandise store. They've got DW, SABIAN, Sonor, Pearl - wear and much more. Don't forget to tell him Tiger Bill sent you.


In addition to drums, equipment, and drumming tips, Michael Pressley's site features lessons too.

Drum Lessons in Kanata, Ontario

David Cronkite is a drum and piano teacher with 30 years experience who offers private instruction at his studio and group workshops in schools.

Drummers for Jesus - Daytona Beach Chapter

This is a branch of Drummers For Jesus, an organization whose goal is to "Glorify God with our talent and to worship Him on our drums."

Drummers Photo Gallery

Check out this cool site by accomplished drummer Rodney Harrison, whose hobby just happens to be photography. Lots of original famous drummer photos, audio clips, and more.

Drummer Tees

Site member Daev creates some cool T-shirts for Drummers. Check it out.

Drummer World Online

Check out peterthedrummer's new Site for drummers and, while you're at it, take his drumming quiz to test your knowledge.

Drummin' Men

Submit your own drumming link to the Drummin' Men directory.

Drum Publications

Brent Phillips has written a series of books designed to improve coordination. You can view the PDF excerpts on Brent's site.

Drums and Drummers

This drumming Website has been maintained by Glenn Johnson since 1998. Check it out.

Funksmith - Tony Pros

Tony is a freelance Christian drummer who focuses on Pop, R&B, and other funk and groove driven genre's. As of December 2008, his site was down due to redesign.


Surf over and say Hey to Joel, he has a cool Web site that's devoted to drums and drumming. It includes downloads of transcriptions and MP3s, lessons, chat rooms, forums, and more.

Groove with Passion Music Studio

The official site of John Odom, a drummer and instructor with 30 years experience from Orlando, Florida. If you're looking for drum lessons, check him out.

Jeff Guenther

Me and Jeff had a band in High School and, after not seeing him for a number of years, I recently had the chance to play with him again in his band Retrofitz, which covers classic rock and Jeff's original compositions. Jeff is a multi-talented musician who can play bass, guitar, and drums. Check him out.

Got Drummers?

Las Vegas based production company offers original drum shows to a variety of markets and venues.

"Bloody Rich" Hutchins

Check out Bloody Rich's Drummer Survival Guide. It contains tips for drummers (especially beginners) on things like using a metronome (yeah!) to double bass drum technique (double yeah!). And even throws in a few drummer jokes and more.

Indifferent blue

A Metal band featuring drummer Tre Graham. This link takes you to their MySpace site that includes audio clips, band news, event calendar, and more.

Jamaican Traditional Drumming

Resource for traditional Jamaican drumming and percussion. Notation, video and information books.


The Web site of drummer/instructor/clinician John Simmons contains audio clips of John performing with his band Atomic Opera and the Smith Band, bio, photos, discography, and more.

Peter Jones

Drum kit mappings for various sampleset for the SFZ sampler.

Jacob Kaye

This is the Web site of Montreal drummer and instructor Jacob Kaye, who offers drum lessons and clinics and some free online video drum lessons as well.

Official Kenosha Drummers

Check out the Official Kenosha Drummers site, founded by Jill Unrein. And if you play or teach drums in Kenosha, you can be featured on their Web site. Click the above link for details.

LP Latin Percussion

LP has lots of percussion info on the Web. Check them out at the above link and catch their cool audio interviews and video clips at CongaHead and percussion for kids at Rhythmix.

Yoseph "Joe" Levy

Originally from Gibraltar, a British colony on the southern tip of Spain, drummer and instructor Yoseph now lives in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Check out his Official site.


For free access to more song lyrics than you've ever seen in one place, check out this site.


Luís Costa is the drummer in this Portuguese Alternative Rock band. Site includes gig schedule, MP3 files, message board, and more. Site is available both in English and Portuguese.


Originally introduced in 2002 and used and promoted extensively by Tiger Bill himself, the MadPlayer is sold out and no longer being produced. Still available used in various locations online, the MadPlayer was a one of a kind audio device. The maker has since moved on to the more lucrative world of providing ring tones for cell phones.

Rex F. Mcleod

Official site of registered drum teacher (AIRMT) Rex McLeod's School of Drumming in Auckland, New Zealand.

Paul McKinnon

In the late '60s Paul was in a band that toured with Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels. He also had an opportunity to play with the great Jimi Hendrix. Check out his Web site and find out what Paul's been up to lately.

Jason Mercado - Drums

Jason teaches drums and performs extensively throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Anthony Mirabile Story

Official Web site of International Recording Artist Anthony Mirabile.

Dave Mohn Site

Click the link for info on drummer and instructor Dave Mohn, including discography, gig dates, and more. Tell Dave that Tiger Bill sent you.

Jim Moore Site

Freelance drummer Jim Moore currently teaches in the Atlantic County areas of South Jersey. Check out his site and be sure to mention Tiger Bill sent you.

Music Bands Online

If you're in the Las Vegas area and you're looking to hire entertainment, click the above link and check in with Marty Mahoney. His family had owned and run Mahoney's Pro Music & Drum Shop in Las Vegas for 40 years.

Nevada Drums

The Drums and Percussion Online Superstore. Check it out.

New Jersey School of Percussion

Glenn Weber runs this site, the NJSOP, the Glenn Weber Drum Shop, and was a former president of the New Jersey Chapter of the PAS. And he was my second drum instructor. I owe my Monster Reading chops to him. I owe my Monster Technical Chops to Joe Morello, who until his passing, was now a member of the faculty of Glenn's school. Small world, isn't it? Stop in and say hey, if you're ever in the area. And tell Glenn the Tiger sent you!

OC Drumming Teacher

Keith "The Wall" Delaney teaches drums and percussion in OC. So if you live nearby, check out his Web site for Keith's bio, rates, and other information.

Olympic Drums and Percussion

These guys have a collection of vintage drums and mallet instruments for the collector and player. Ask for Scott.

RePercussion: A Street Drumming Team Out of California

RePercussion is a street show incorporating three street drummers: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Originally designed for educational recycling shows, this troupe has recently been reaching audiences across the country through its entertainment qualities. Clcik the above link for a video clip and further info.

Rhythm Rascal

Randy Brown's full featured, inexpensive, shareware drum machine lets you create pro drum tracks on your PC. Follow the link for details and a free trial download.

Enildo Rasúa

Check out the Official site of drummer Enildo Rasúa Vall-llosera available in Spanish only.


Check out the Official MySpace Home Page for drummer Nick Costa AKA Riddim1.

Joey Riott of The Bon Jovi Jersey Tribute Band RUNAWAY

Runaway, a professional touring Bon Jovi Tribute band, delivers a sassy tongue-in-cheek Bon Jovi style performance packed with all the stage energy you would expect from Jon Bon Jovi himself. Joey's experience in music expands over 25 yrs. For more on Joey and the band, check out their official Web site.


Site Member Adrián is from Spain and has a band that plays "cosmic hard
rock." Check out their Web site (available in Spanish only).

Chip Ritter

If you're into blues or drum solos or both, don't miss the MP3's at Chip's site. Also, check out his photos and video clips.

Bobby Rock

Dig Bobby's cool Web site and his 3-hour video production, The Zen of Drumming. And if you haven't had the chance to read my review of Bobby's video, click here.

The Rock - Drum Studio

If you are looking for drum lessons in the Daytona Beach, Florida area - Gregg Eckerson is currently offering a no obligation free trial lesson.

Salesout Productions, LLC

Check out the site of LH Sales, Jr., from Athens, Georgia. Services include drum and percussion Tech / Tour Fill-in for drums and percussion, studio sessions, and much more. And tell LH that Tiger Bill sent you!

Salazar Fine Tuning

John specializes in Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone, and Bells Tuning and Restoration. Check him out.

San Francisco Drum Company

Here's an American custom drum manufacturer who combines modern construction
with classic look and sound.

Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz

Jon has had a steady gig for more than 20 years, how many guys can say that in this business? Check out the site of Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, who has appeared on all of Weird Al Yankovic's albums, videos, concert and television performances since the beginning!


For custom designed and ready-made, beaded, natural gourd hand drums. We have been making and selling beautiful sekeres in Pennsyvania since 1993.


Pieter is the drummer in the Belgium Punk Rock band Sixtoys. Their MySpace site includes a show schedule, photos, audio samples, song lyrics, and more.

Mark Smith: Progressive Drummer from the UK

Site member Mark Smith is a professional drummer, teacher and producer residing in Wallington Surrey. His website contains info on his bands/recording projects, excerpts from his book Interpretations, and more.

Suiciety (care of Crazy McClendon!)

"Crazy" Scott McClendon is the drummer with the band Suiciety. Check out their Web site, which includes MP3 files to download, photos, and more.

Teach Me Drums

Dan Laskowski's site offers video clips and lessons.

Unigrip, Inc.

If you're losing your grip (on your sticks, this is!) check out Donn Martin's patented sticks and grips.

Vertigo Haze

For Classic Rock music with a twist, check out the Official Web site of the band "Vertigo Haze."

Vintage Drum Center

Ned Ingberman has been serving the Vintage Drum Collector since 1987. Check out his informative Web site, which includes detailed instructions on how to inspect vintage drums, online inventory of available vintage gear and parts, email newsletter, and more.

West Virginia Wood Arts - Custom Engraved DrumSticks

If you're looking for a gift for your special DrumHead, check out these custom engraved drumsticks made of high quality hickory. Just send in any logo, graphic, signature, or even a photo. And because they are engraved and not painted, they will never fade. Tell them Tiger Bill sent you!

If you would like to find out how easy it is to get your Drum, Percussion, Instrument, or Music related site listed here, free of charge, just click here!

Have fun, Stay loose, and I'll see you online!

Tiger Bill


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