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Drums and MP3 Files

Collect thousands of MP3 files on the Net or your drumming practice and more. Due to copyright and licensing problems, many former free MP3 sites are no longer offering free files but there are still some free files to be found and others can be downloaded and used in your project after purchasing a license to do so. Check it out.

Free MP3 Files

ABCs of MP3s
Brief intro to the MP3 format. Includes software to create MP3 files and links to sites containing MP3 files, courtesy of Rats2u.com.


Burning CDs from MP3s
How to decode MP3 to WAV files and make CD audio files from MP3s. From DailyMP3.com.

CNET Free MP3s
The CNET library of free MP3s began in 2004 and they have more than 110,000 songs today. Check them out!

MP3 Dimension
Large archive of MP3s listed A-Z, hundreds of albums, Billboard Top 50, and more. From MP3.dimension.com.

MP3 Free Music Directory
Large selection of Free MP3s indexed by artist.

MP3 Raid
MP3 search engine with access to more than a million free mp3 downloads all over the Internet. You can listen any mp3 file before you download it, you can post your mp3 on your page/profile for free and also select popular songs from our various top mp3 charts.


There are literally hundreds of MP3 sites on the Web but many of them contain so many annoying Ads that they're really not worth the trouble. The above ones, at this date in time at least, are the least annoying!

Have fun, stay loose, and I'll see you online!

Tiger Bill


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