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Laugh It Up with the Best Music and Drum Jokes on the Web

Online magazines can offer you what no print magazine can: Video and sound. But that doesn't mean print magazines are obsolete! Here's your resource to the leading drum magazines, percussion, and music magazines in both print and online versions.

Tiger Bill's Pick of the Best Music and Drum Jokes

Joke Forum at TigerBill's DrumBeat
A joke a day keeps the doctor away and we've got an archive loaded with jokes of all kinds! No need to register just to browse but if you'd like to poast your jokes, registration is free and easy. Come and join us online!

Dave Grohl's Top 10 Drummer Jokes
Ten drummer jokes.

Drummer Jokes Page
Some drummer jokes courtesy of Bu Sayfa.

Instrument Jokes
Instrument jokes, including drums and percussion. Courtesy of Amy Humphries and Mr. A.

Kiss This Guy: The Archive of Misheard Lyrics
Not drummer or percussion specific, but a riot just the same. Site is named after the most commonly misheard lyric of Jimi Hendrix. Listed by song and by artist.

Percussive Humor
How can you tell when a drummer's at the door? The knocking speeds up - buh-doom! Brings back my days of giggin' in the Catskills. Compliments of Lark in the Morning.

Spence's Music Jokes
Jokes covering all instruments, not just drums. Finally, we get to abuse the other musicians. Courtesy of Spence and Maria's Home Page.


Enjoy the jokes...

Have fun, stay loose, and I'll see you online!

Tiger Bill


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