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Monster Drum Chops Challenge Contests

This section contains exercises used in current and past contests to determine whether or not you truly have Monster Drum Chops - based on speed, accuracy, coordination or a combination of the above. Besides practicing these for fun and to benefit the development of your own drum technique, you are welcome to join in on any of the current contests for your chance to win some cool, valuable drum stuff.

Accuracy is always more important than speed. If you can play these exercises with accuracy, you will eventually develop speed but if you never develop accuracy, you'll never be able to play them with "clean" speed. This not only goes for the exercises that follow, but for any drumming exercise.

NOTE: If you are using the correct drum technique, regular practice of these exercises will help you to develop what I refer to as Monster Chops, which means that you can consistently play with maximum speed, power, precision, endurance, and control. Practice each exercise slowly to develop accuracy and control first. Then, work for speed. If you are having trouble playing these exercises, I suggest that you look into my Concepts of Tension Free Drumming. This is what allows me to play these exercises easily with maximum control and with a minimum of effort. For further information, visit TensionFreeDrumming.com.

Good luck with these challenges and have fun!

Tiger Bill

My Latest Challenge/Contest

Stay Tuned... Bookmark this page and check back regularly!


Archive of Past Challenge/Contests


Single Stroke-n-Flam Frenzy

I originally ran this contest in 2003. Grand Prize was a Drumometer worth $99.95 (courtesy of the WFD). In addition, five runners-up each won a WFD Insights video. Click this link to woodshed my Single Stroke-n-Flam Frenzy.

Visually Mad Groove

The MadPlayer was a terrific electronic music creator/player that (unfortunately) is no longer beng produced. However, you can still find them used. I gave away a number of MadPlayers at Summer NAMM in Nashville to anyone who could successfully play this groove, which proved extremely difficult for most drummers. Test your skill in coordination by attempting to play my Visually Mad Groove yourself.

Chop Killer Challenge

This challenge contest originally ran on my Web site. I designed it to measure both drumming speed and accuracy. Those who entered were required to send in a video of themselves playing the exercise. The Grand prize package was worth over $400.00 and included a Drumometer, Regal Tip sticks, Warner Bros. DVDs, and some cool clothing from DrumWear.com. There were also 2nd and 3rd place prize packages. Although the contest is over now, the exercise is still a terrific test of your chops. Try my Chop Killer Challenge for yourself!

I hope you enjoy my Chop Challenges. Your feedback is always welcome.

Feel free to contact me anytime through my Onlinr by emailing me at info @ tigerbill.com.

Have fun, stay loose, and I'll see you online!

Tiger Bill


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