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NAMM 2003 International World's Fastest Drummer Competition


Tiger Bill Performs at the WFD Extreme Sport Drumming Competition

This extreme sport drumming competition, held in Nashville, began Friday, July 18, with "heats" continuing through Saturday. The top ten Fastest Hands and top ten Fastest Feet battled it out on Sunday for their share of prizes that totalled $10,000! Follow this link for details and video clips of the event.

My thanks to Boo McAfee, inventor of the Drumometer, for inviting me to give my demonstration of Monster Chops. I had a blast offering tips, along with Art Verdi and the rest of the WFD Gang, to help get the contestants up to speed.

Congratulations to Eric Okamoto who won the NAMM Battle of the Hands competition with 1016 single strokes in 60 seconds and Kermit "Thumper" Tarver who won the Battle of the Feet with 768 single strokes in 60 seconds.

Congrats also goes to the following for new world records in the Fastest Hands category: Mike Mangini who ran 1126 single strokes to break Art Verdi's current record of 1116 single strokes (using Traditional Grip), Jotan Afanador who broke his own record of 1152 Matched Grip single strokes with 1165, and Seth Davis who set a new Fastest Hands Double Strokes record at 1,021. Click the links that follow for exclusive video clips:

Video Clip of Eric, Tiger, and Art warming up Eric Okamoto, Tiger Bill, & Art Verdi Warm-up on the Sidelines

Video of Tiger Bill demonstrating speed technique Tiger Bill offers tips for Fast Chops

Video Clip of Tiger Bill explaining Joe Morello's one-handed roll Tiger Bill demonstrates Joe Morello's One-Handed Roll

Video Clip of Tiger Bill discussing Monster Chops and the Artist Drummer Tiger Bill discusses Monster Chops and the Artist Drummer

Video Clip of Art Verdi demonstrating the Drumometer and his Chops Art Verdi demonstrates the Drumometer and his Chops
Note: The person walking on stage to reset the Drumometer for Art's performance is Craig Alan, who originally built the Drumometer prototype.

Video Clip of Art Verdi demonstrating the Metronome and Practice Tips Art Verdi demonstrates the Metronome and Practice Tips

Video Clip of Thumper winning Fastest Feet at Summer NAMM Thumper Carver Wins Fastest Feet at Summer NAMM 2003

Video Clip of Eric winning Fastest Hands at Summer NAMM Eric Okamoto Wins Fastest Hands at Summer NAMM 2003

Video Clip of Attempting to Break His Fastest Hands Record Jotan Afanador Attempts to Break his Fastest Hands Record

Video Clip of Conclusion of NAMM 2003 Fastest Drummer Competition Conclusion of NAMM 2003 Fastest Drummer Competition

Until next time: Stay loose!

Tiger Bill


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