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This is Tiger Bill Meligari and I constantly scour the Web in search of info on your favorite drummers and percussionists. Here are the latest results from A to Z. Your complete resource to info on the most famous drummers in the world including photos, video and sound clips, bios, interviews, and everything else you need to know.


Gene Krupa
January 15, 1909 - October 16, 1973

Thorough bio with lots of photos. Includes link to Gene's discography, filmography, and his 1943 drug bust. Good stuff for fans of the ace drummer man. Also, check out this Krupa – Rich interview, following one of Gene and Buddy's famous Drum Battles. It originally appeared in Metronome Magazine in 1956. He doesn’t mention it here, but years later Buddy would complain that he played all the drums while Gene got all the applause! That was because Gene was a true showman, everything he did just looked so good! These two guys influenced a ton of drummers, myself included. From the excellent Krupa site maintained by fan and fellow drummer: Shawn C. Martin.


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