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Famous Drummers From A to Z > G

Famous Drummers


Your complete resource to info on the most famous drummers in the world. This page contains everyone who's anyone with a last name beginning in the letter G.

Steve Gadd

Video Clips of Steve Gadd playing at ADAA Honoring of Steve Gadd:

Sound Check of Steve Gadd: Things Ain't What They Used To Be from ADAA Honoring Steve Gadd, courtesy of Hudson Music      Steve Gadd with James Taylor from ADAA Honoring Steve Gadd, courtesy of Hudson Music   
Born: April 9, 1945. Stan Mulder's Steve Gadd Page contains bio, interview, photos, equipment set-up, and discography. Transcriptions of some of Gadd's fills in MP3 and Midi too, although I haven't heard these yet. Also, a couple of links were broken when I checked it out.

Camille Gainer
This drummer/producer has worked with Antonio Hart, J.T.Taylor of Kool and the Gang, Marc Cary, Greg Osby, Steve Coleman, Lonnie Liston Smith, and many others. This is her own Official Web site.

David Garibaldi
Born: November 4, 1946. What's the funkiest band of all time? I'd say Tower of Power. And drummer Garibaldi ranks right up there with the funkiest drummers of all time. Enjoy this abbreviated bio, selected discography, and list of instructional books and videos he has authored. Compliments of Evans drumheads. You'll also dig this interview with David, from phatdrumloops.com.

Jerry Gaskill
Check out the drummer/vocalist/songwriter with the power rock trio King's X at his own site (through the link above) and at the Official King's X site. You'll also find lots of info at KingsX.net, a site for fans of the trio.

Mel Gaynor
Currently the drummer for Simple Minds, Mel has played for Robert Palmer, Elton John, Tina Turner, Pretenders, and many others. Click the above link for his official Web site and here for a discography.

Arnoud Gerritse
Born: February 6, 1957. Click the above link for a brief bio and discography on the works of this drummer from the Netherlands.

Gregg Gerson
Gregg has recorded with Roger Daltrey, Billy Idol, Gloria Estefan, Mayday, Iggy Pop, Madonna, and others. Here's his homepage that includes his itinerary, photos, bio, drum setup, interviews, discography, and more.

Leonard "Doc" Gibbs
Not only has percussionist Doc Gibbs worked with some of the finest musicians in the industry but he's also the musical director for Emeril Live! (The hottest cooking show on the cable Food Network- TVFN.) Check him out.

Billy Gladstone
Born: December 15, 1892. Died: October, 1961. William (Billy) Gladstone was a multi-faceted percussionist who worked in the pit orchestra of Radio City Music Hall for many years. One of the greatest snare drummers who ever lived, many famous drummers studied technique with him in the 1940's and 50's. Courtesy drumcenter.com.

Evelyn Glennie
Born: July 19, 1965. An international solo percussionist, Evelyn has worked with the Baltimore Symphony, Boston Symphony, Cleveland Symphony, Detroit Symphony, National Symphony (Washington), Los Angeles Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Symphony, St Louis Symphony and Toronto Symphony orchestras. She also records exclusively for the RCA/BMG label. All the more remarkable since Evelyn is deaf, and plays by feeling the music through vibrations rather than hearing it. Learn all about her and see her video interview, courtesy of GetMusic.com.

Paul Goldberg
Paul is an LA drummer who has played on numerous TV and Movie soundtracks and also finds time to work with his own quartet. Check out audio clips and more on his Official Web site.

Jim Gordon
Born: 1945. Jim Gordon (James Beck Gordon), one of the great session drummers, worked with many top talents in the business until mental illness struck. Click the above link for an article on Jim that appeared in the Rolling Stone in 1985, courtesy of the University of Oregon Web site. Here's a partial discography on Jim, from ArtistDirect.com and an alternate discography, from Warr.Org. Also, some recollections by some of those who knew Jim Gordon.

Danny Gottlieb
I knew Danny pre-Pat Metheny. We both studied with Joe Morello at the same time. He's a good friend, a great musician, and one of the nicest guys in the business. Click his name above for Danny's Official Web site. Also, check out his bio at Excite.com, an interview with Dan by MikeBrannon, from JazzReview.com, and more info from Zildjian.com.

Lou Grassi
Leader of his own PoBand, Saxtet, and Dixie Peppers, and sideman with Rob Brown, Steve Swell, Burton Greene, Bob Magnuson, Alice Paraker, Bruce Eisenbeil, and Steve Swell to name a few. Find out what jazzman Lou has been up to, from the Europe Jazz Network.

Rick Gratton
As a performer, Rick has worked with Abe Laboriel, Mike Porcaro, Bill Dillon, Mark Jordan, Long John Baldry, Carol Pope, Peter Cardinali, and others. He has also written a well-received book of drumset exercises. Pick up some sample licks at Rick's own site. And don't miss Tiger Bill's review of Rick's book/CD, Rick's Licks.

Eric Kamau Gravatt
Check out this jazz drummer, a regular on the Philadelphia jazz scene, at his Official Web site.

Milford Graves
Born: August 20, 1941. Besides his role as a jazz drummer in the '60s, Milford is also an acupunturist, herbalist, and has dedicated years to the study to music therapy. Here's his discography.

Sonny Greer
Sonny is best known for his work as stickman behind one of the hippest rhythm sections in history. Check out his brief bio, courtesy of Harlem.org.

Rayford Griffin
Rayford has toured with Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, The Isley Brothers, Stanley Clarke, Jean-Luc Ponty, Bette Midler, Babyface, George Duke, Jeff Lorber, Stephanie Mills, Manhattan Transfer, Kenny G, Rodney Franklin, Angela Winbush, Cameo, DeBargeo, and many others. This is his Official Web site.

Freddie Gruber
Born: May 27, 1927. I'm looking for a good link on Freddie. If you've got one, please click here to email it to us.

John Guerin
Born: October 31, 1939. This drummer/composer/producer has recorded with Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, The Byrds, Thelonius Monk, Oscar Peterson, Jon Faddis, Jimmy Heath, and many others. This is his Official Web site.

Trilok Gurtu
Born: October 30, 1951. Former third of the John McLaughlin trio for four years, Trilok now plays with his own group and concentrates on blending Eastern and Western music and percussion instruments. Check out his bio, compliments of the Europe Jazz Network, and his current cymbal setup, courtesy of Zildjian.com.


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