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Famous Drummers From A to Z > Q & R

Famous Drummers


Your complete resource to info on the most famous drummers in the world. This page contains everyone who's anyone with a last name starting in the letter Q or R.

Alvin Queen
Alvin played with many of America's jazz greats for nearly 10 years until, in 1979, he moved to Geneva. He has since created his own record label, called Nilva Records, and he splits his efforts between recording famous artists and new talent. Check out his bio, reviews, gear, and discography at Jazzcorner.com.

Mark Quinones
Comprehensive discography of the drummer / percussionist's work.

Johnny Rabb
Born: February 29, 1972. He gained fame after winning the Guinness World Record for the World's Fastest Drummer and deservedly so. He gets my vote for adapting and perfecting an old previously "gimmicky" drum technique and applying it legitimately to modern music. I consider Johnny's "FreeHand" technique a legitimate rudiment that should be learned by all drummers. He has also written a best-selling book "Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass" on the Warner Bros. label and is the leader of the cool, innovative band "Super Action Heroes." Click the above link to check out Johnny's band and sample some audio clips.

Raul Rekow
Raul has been playing congas with Carlos Santana since 1976. What a gig! Click the above link for his bio, courtesy of LPmusic.com. Here's more on Raul, from the Official Santana Web site and also a discography, courtesy of ArtistDirect.com.

Daniel De Los Reyes
Check Danny Reyes out on his official Web site, which includes interviews, info on his album "San Rafael 560," photos, bio, and much more. Here's some more stuff on Danny, courtesy of Remo.com.

Walfredo Reyes, Jr.
Walfredo's own Web site includes a bio, discography, photos, itinerary, drum setup, and more. Check out this drummer, percussionist, composer, producer.

Walfredo Reyes, Sr.
Learn all about this influential Cuban drummer, who is the father of Danny and Walfredo Jr. Courtesy of LPmusic.com.

Vito Rezza
After building an impressive reputation as a teenaged drum prodigy in Toronto, Vito Rezza became a studio star who has worked with numerous artists including  Joni Mitchell, John Lee Hooker, Gino Vanelli, and more. Vito has been a martial artist for over 20 years. For more on Vito, click the above link for his Official Web site.

For a sample of his performance, see our coverage of the Cape Breton International Drum Festival 2005.

Buddy Rich
Born: September 30, 1917. Died: April 2, 1987. Click the above link for the Official Buddy Rich Web site that contains lots of info on the master and includes a message board, photos, quotes, and even contact info for booking the Buddy Rich Big Band or small group known as Buddy's Buddies with the drumset occupied by Steve Smith or Dave Weckl. More info can be found at the Buddy Rich Appreciation Site, maintained by Roger Berg. J.B.'s BR Page has quotes and comments on Buddy by other musicians. Want more? How about some photos of Buddy, on Dennis Dennison's tribute site.

Mike Richards
One of Australia's top players, Mike has recorded over 30 albums in the UK and Europe. Check out his Web site for more info and, while you're at it, you might as well stay for some free lessons.

Dannie Richmond
Originally a tenor sax player who, as a teenager, toured with Paul Williams, Dannie took up the drums in 1955 and six months later got a gig with Charlie Mingus - after proving he could play at fast tempos. (Mingus loved counting off tunes in the stratosphere.) He worked with Mingus for more than 20 years. Click the above link for more on Dannie, courtesy of ArtistDirect.com.

Alex Riel
Born September, 1940. One of the most influential jazz drummers in Europe, Alex has worked with Ray Brown, Ben Webster, Art Farmer, Ørsted Pedersen, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Stephane Grapelli, Cat Anderson, John Abercrombie, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Nat Adderley, Donald Byrd, Don Cherry, Terry Gibbs, Hank Jones, Thad Jones, Bobby McFerrin, and many others. This is his Official Web site.

Marilyn Rife
Principal Percussionist/Assistant Principal Timpanist with the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra, Marilyn Rife also performs with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. For a discography, sound samples, and an email address to get in touch with Marilyn, visit her here on her Web site.

Ben Riley
Check out the bio of this jazz drummer, who worked with the likes of Thelonious Monk, Randy Weston, Mary Lou Williams, Sonny Rollins, Woody Herman, Stan Getz, Billy Taylor, Johnny Griffin, Kenny Barron, Kenny Burrell, Phil Woods and many others. Courtesy of www.jazzcorner.com.

Herlin Riley
Click above for Herlin's biography from jazzradio.org. And check out this interview, courtesy of www.pbs.org.

John Riley
John has worked with the Woody Herman Band and has freelanced with Stan Getz, Milt Jackson, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, John Scofield, Bob Mintzer, Gary Peacock, Mike Stern, Joe Lovano, the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, the Carnegie Hall Jazz Band, John Patitucci, and many others. Learn more from his Official Web site, www.johnriley.org.

Chip Ritter
Drummer Chip Ritter not only plays but juggles his sticks at the same time! Check out his performance in this video clip from the David Letterman Show:

Chip Ritter on the David Letterman Show

And you ain't seen nothin' until you've seen Chip's unique Storm Stick Trick: Chip Ritter's Storm Move

Chip is also author of the book The R.I.T.T.E.R Method. Click here for Tiger Bill's review.

Max Roach
Born: January 10, 1924. Max worked with the best, including Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Clifford Brown, Thelonius Monk, Bud Powell, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Duke Ellington, and Coleman Hawkins. Check out the guy who started the whole be-bop thing at the link above, from Duke University. His bio and discography come courtesy of the Europe Jazz Network.

John "JR" Robinson
Born: December 29, 1954. John got his break in 1978, when Rufus and Chaka Khan saw him playing in a club and John wound up finishing the 1978 Rufus world tour. Then Quincy Jones hired John to record Michael Jackson's Off the Wall album and that was it. Since then, JR has become one of the most recorded drummers in history. Check out JR's bio and drum setup, courtesy of Yamaha Corporation.

Rob The Drummer
If you're looking for a positive role model, you've found one in ROB THE DRUMMER. For more than 15 years, Rob (aka Robert L. Gottfried) has been bringing his powerful anti-substance abuse message to audiences of all ages and in all places, including schools, prisons, Russian stadiums, and even the White House lawn. He delivers his message through his dynamic drumming skills. Check him out.

Bobby Rock
Check out the bio on Bobby – a modern day renaissance man – who is an internationally-renowned performer, music educator, writer/author, producer, health and fitness specialist/consultant, and CEO/Founder of both Paranormal Records and Zen Man Publishing. Whew! Courtesy of Bobby's official Web site.

Rikki Rockett
Born: August 8, 1959. Poison drummer Rikki Rockett takes off on his bio, giving you an uncensored picture of the industry and where it's at. Any bets on what his real name is? Check him out and see.

Mickey Roker
Jazz legend who worked with Dizzy Gillespie, Eddie Gomez, Tommy Flanagan, Sonny Rollins, Milt Jackson, Horace Silver, Ray Brown, Joe Pass, Stanley Turrentine, McCoy Tyner, Sarah Vaughan, Phil Woods, Joe Williams, and many more. Here's Mickey's discography.

Joel Rosenblatt
If anyone has a good link on to ex- Spyro Gyra drummer Joel, please let us know.

Bill Rotella
Performer, teacher, clinician, author, manufacturer, and adjudicator, Bill has been in the music business for over 50 years. His background in Rudimental drumming won him more than 85 awards. Click the above link for Bill's Official Web site.

Tony Royster, Jr.
Born: October 9, 1984. When Tony was 15 years old, he was voted #1 "Up and Coming" drummer in Modern Drummer Magazine. Why? Check him out at his official Web site.

Ilan Rubin
Ilan appeared at the Modern Drummer Festival 2001 when he was 12, after winning Modern Drummer Magazine's Best Undiscovered Drummer Under 18 contest that year. Check out some MP3s of Ilan with his band F.o.N. And find out more about Ilan on the out the Official F.o.N Web site.

Phil Rudd
Check out the AC/DC drummer, Phil Rudzevecuis (his real last name) at this unofficial AC/DC Web site.

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