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The Art of Playing Brushes



Art of Playing Brushes DVD


This three-disc set, which contains two DVDs and a play-along CD, takes a unique look at playing brushes from the perspective on seven artists. Let's check it out.

The Brush Masters
Playing brushes is, unfortunately, getting to be a lost art but DVDs like this one will keep it alive and well and show future generations what they're missing but not incorporating brush work.

On the first two DVDs Billy Hart, Eddie Locke, Joe Morello, Charlie Persip, Ben Riley, Adam Nussbaum, and Steve Smith, are featured separately playing the same tempos and feels with brushes. Steve Smith and Adam Nussbaum interview the artists after each of their performances.

The third disc, a 17-track play-along CD, includes all ten tracks that each artist played with, plus seven additional tracks you can practice with.

DVD Disc One
Swing grooves

Ballad grooves

DVD Disc Two
Latin grooves

3/4 Time grooves

Bonus Features
1- A Brush Lesson with Adam Nussbaum

2- Joe Morello 5/4 Solo

3- Archival Clips of the Masters

4- Supplemental PDF Files

5- Photo Gallery

6- A Brush Lesson with Ed Thigpen

7- A Brush Lesson with Louie Bellson

Also includes a supplemental guide booklet.


Art of Playing Brushes: The Bottom Line

This package, jammed with 7 hours and 16 minutes of material, amounts to a master lesson on brushes provided by seven master artists. Great stuff that I highly recommend for all drummers of all ages and styles.

A great value at its retail price of $29.99. Click the link below to purchase it at a discount online:


Stay loose!

Tiger Bill


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