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A Day in the Recording Studio


by Mark Schulman


A Day in the Recording Studio Mark Schulman


The days of recording in an expensive studio with an engineer are virtually gone. With an outlay of a just a few thousand dollars, anyone with the know-how can produce a recording as good as any million dollar production studio.

Mark Schulman was always interested in recording as well as playing drums and, with this DVD, he introduces us to the recording concepts of today: Do-It-Yourself.

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Main Chapters
1- Intro and Studio Tour

2- Nice Rack

3- Drums

4- Microphones

5- Mics on Drums

6- Mics on Drums Again

7- Getting Sounds

8- Time & Time Again

9- Charting One Night Forever (Mark's personal method)

10- Edit Me

11- Charting Summer Rain

12- EQ and Compress Me

13- Playing Techniques

14- Jane The Stripper

15- Lock It Pete!

16- See Ya

17- One Night Promo


Bonus Features
You can download the free 36-page booklet and free play along tracks from the DVD at Mark's home page.


A Day in the Recording Studio: The Bottom Line

Lots of musicians today have their own recording gear setups, many in their own homes, and they make their own CDs on the cheap. If you're a drummer who has yet jump on the bandwagon, this DVD will take you all the way from covering all of the basic studio gear you'll need to tricks and tips on using the recording gear to playing with a click track, charting drum parts, optimum playing techniques for the studio, and recording the best sounding drums possible. Mark has produced a very informative DVD. Highly recommended.

A terrific value at its retail price of $19.99. Click the link below to purchase it online:


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