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Drum Set Warm Ups:

Essential Exercises for Improving Technique

By Rod Morgenstein



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Exercise of the Proper Kind
I've seen drum books before that claim to offer warm-up exercises for drummers only to bring you a series of standard weightlifting routines and ideas for using heavily weighted drumsticks that they claim will build up your chops.

While some light weightlifting is definitely good for your body (as long as it's accompanied by proper stretching exercises to maintain flexibility), standard exercises really have little to do with warming up a drummer's body properly.

Rod's latest book attempts to fill this void by offering a series of exercises designed to imitate - and sometimes exaggerate - the exact range of motions drummers can encounter from executing cross-stick patterns to reaching for drums and cymbals far in the outfield.

As a bonus, many of these exercises are also designed to increase the speed and endurance of your hands and feet and improve your overall coordination. Rod told me about his book during our interview at the Modern Drummer Festival (see the sidebar) but I just recently had the opportunity to sit down with it at the kit.

Here's what I found.

Practical Warm-Ups
Whether you're into sports or drumming, the best warm-up routine is one that imitates the motions that you will be performing during the activity itself. This is exactly what Rod set out to do.

His book is organized into 33 lessons plus one final lesson that combines all of the previous lessons into what you could use as a quick warm-up routine prior to a concert or drum lesson.

Here is a summary of the exercises included in the book:

Drum Set Warmups: The Bottom Line
Rod's book is more than just a series of warm-up exercises for the drum set. Working with it on a daily basis will allow you to:

  1. Avoid injury during actual performance by warming your body up using exaggerated motions around the drum set.
  2. Train your mind and body to build the necessary neuro-pathways to increase your speed, accuracy, agility, control, dexterity, and dynamics around the drum set.
  3. Increase the power, stamina, and endurance of your entire body.
  4. Develop your four-way coordination.
  5. Perform complicated crossover patterns with ease and relaxation.

In a day when too many "new" books are simple reworks of older existing material, it's refreshing to see a book that is truly different and really practical.

I intend to use it every day to improve my drumming. I recommend that you do the same. Rod's book, which retails for a reasonable $12.95, is published by Berklee Press.

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Stay loose!

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