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Tiger Bill Reviews

Mike Portnoy Anthology

Volume One


Click here to purchase this Book at the lowest price on the Web.

This book contains transcriptions of some of Mike Portnoy's best known works from Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, and Transatlantic. Let's check it out.

Anthology - Volume One
I have to give credit to those who transcribe drum parts. It is a time consuming task and, especially when you're transcribing a drummer who plays as many notes as Mike in songs as long as Mike's, it's an extremely difficult task. But I have to hand it to Steve Ferraro, who transcribed every note in this book. He did a great job!

Transcriber's Notes: The book opens with an explanation by Steve Ferraro who details exactly what it took for him to transcribe the nine songs that are included in this book.

Each of the book's nine song chapters follow the same format beginning with performance notes written by Mike himself, transcription notes by Steve Ferraro, drumkit diagram, notation key, and the drum chart itself.

The book includes drum transcriptions to the following songs:

Pull Me Under (From the Dream Theater album Images and Words)

Metropolis Part 1(From the Dream Theater album Images and Words)

6:00 (From the Dream Theater album Awake)

New Millennium(From the Dream Theater album Falling Into Infinity)

Hell's Kitchen (From the Dream Theater album Falling Into Infinity)

Overture 1928 (From the Dream Theater album Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory)

Strange Deja Vu (From the Dream Theater album Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory)

When the Water Breaks (From the album Liquid Tension Experiment 2)

All of the Above (From the Transatlantic album SMPTe)


Mike Portnoy Anthology Volume One: The Bottom Line
The transcriber can make or break a book like this. Fortunately, Steve Ferraro has done an excellent job. Especially considering that one of the songs that he had to copy is 31-minutes long!

I highly recommend this book to all Mike Portnoy fans as it contains some of Mike's best known grooves and signature fills. And metronome times are included so you can compare your chops to Mike's. Even if you're not a fan I suggest you take a look at it anyway. It just might give you some ideas that you can incorporate into your own drumming style.

Considering all of the work that goes into a transcription book such as this, it's a good value at its suggested retail price of $24.95. But if you're looking to pick it up at a substantial discount, you can always visit:


Until next time: Stay loose.



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