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Famous Drummers From A to Z > L

Famous Drummers


Your complete resource to info on the most famous drummers in the world. This page contains everyone who's anyone with a last name beginning in the letter L.

Abe Laboriel, Jr.
Abe not only leads his own power trio but has worked with Seal, Scritti Politti, Michele N'dgeocello, Steve Vai, Duran Duran, k.d. lang, Joe Sample, and many others. Here's his bio and discography, courtesy of Spectrasonics. Here's a video clip of Abe performing with Paul McCartney.

Gene Lake
Son of jazz saxophonist Oliver Lake, Gene has become a highly in-demand player. Check out his official Web site.

Don Lamond
Born: August 18, 1921. Died: December 23, 2003. Although he has worked with his own group, he is still best known for his work with the Woody Herman Big Band. Courtesy of SpaceAgePop.com.

Thomas Lang
With a terrifc mix of Monster Chops and showmanship, Lang has the best of both worlds. In addition, he has worked with Geri Halliwell, Robbie Williams, Ozzy Osbourne, Bonnie Tyler, Mick Jones, Suicidal Tendencies and many others. Check out his brief bio above, courtesy of Sonor and here, from Pro-Music-News.com.

Roman Lankios
Roman is a virtuoso who performs classical, pop, and folk music on the Continental Xylophone. Check out exclusive video of his top notch performance at the NJ Chapter PAS Day of Percussion and click Roman's name above to access his official Web site.

Pete LaRoca (Sims)
Born: April 7, 1938. He began his career playing timbales in Latin bands and went on to work with Sonny Rollins, Jackie McLean, Slide Hampton, the John Coltrane Quartet, Marian McPartland, Joe Henderson, and others. He left music in 1968 to become an attorney (under his original name Pete Sims) but returned to playing jazz again in 1979. Here's another link on Pete, from ArtistDirect.com.

Rick Latham
Click the above link for Rick's Official Web site and here's an interview with the session drummer, courtesy of Promark-stx.com.

Ricky Lawson
View Lawson's bio from Jr. Swellbone's Eric Clapton Site. Ricky has worked with Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, George Benson, Bette Midler, and numerous others.

Chris Layton
Born: 1955. Chris joined the newly-formed Double Trouble in 1978. Two years later, Tommy Shannon joined and both of them played with Stevie Ray Vaughan until his tragic death in 1990. The pair then joined Charlie Sexton and Doyle Bramhall II in the Arc Angels. Chris has also worked with Buddy Guy, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and jazz guitarist Larry Carlton. The above link is courtesy of the Official DoubleTrouble Web site.

Tommy Lee
Born: October 3, 1962. Gets the facts on "T-bone," from eonline.com. Includes movie credits and links to dozens of news stories about the Motley Crue drummer, with and without Pamela. Here's more on Tommy

Paul Leim
Here's Paul's bio, courtesy of Regal Tip Sticks. Click here for more on Paul.

Stan Levey
He was playing with Dizzy Gillespie at the age of 16 and went on to work with practically everyone was anyone in his time. Levey, who retired from the music business in 1973, is truly one of the greats. Check out his bio at the link above, Stan's official Web site. Check out his discography, courtesy of GetMusic.com.

Mel Lewis
Chops? No. Style? Plenty! He drove a big band with a small group approach. Jazz drummer Melvin Sokoloff (Mel Lewis) had a great "feel" behind the drums. Best known for his work with the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, this link (from Rene Laanen) features bios and discography's of both Lewis and Jones.

Victor Lewis
Click the above link for the bio on jazz drummer/composer/bandleader Victor Lewis, from enjarecords.com. Here's a selected discography, courtesy of ecmrecords.com.

Vito Liussi
I'm looking for a good link on Vito. If you've got one, please click here to email it to us.

Pete Lockett
Here a bio on multi-percussionist Pete Lockett, from his official Web site. Also, check out these interviews and discography.

Dave Lombardo
Check out this Dave Lombardo Tribute site, from ravenhawke.com, with bio, discography. pics, and links to more on Dave.

Larrie Londin
Recollections of Larrie and an interview by journalist, fellow musician, and friend James Byron Fox.

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Famous Drummers from A to Z.


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